Thursday, 23 July 2009

Best Friends Forever ?

While on my way home after a long and tiring day in the office, i passed by a school ..and i guess it was after school hour so all the school kids are out waiting for transportation..and i notice a group of girls giggling while talking among themselves..the one and only thing that crossed my mind was Wendy And Jules..We were once that group of girls..

Its a common thing when there's a stage where everyone is moving on with their lives..New friends and boyfriends walks in and out of our lives..I've moved on...i stayed less in touch with them..They moved on and have their own new friends..Wendy is still with Kenneth ! ( it thinks its like almost forever , and they're an adorable couple ) Jules and Wendy still sees each other alot..But i'm hardly in the picture..Its not that i don't love them..I love them both..

Sometimes i felt like i'm not a part of the BFF's anymore...And its such a sad thing..I felt bad for missing out every outings and parties and gatherings..So i hardly get any calls or text from them anymore..and the last time i get to see them was during Chinese New Year which is like 5 months ago..

I envy my friends who still hangs out 24 7 with their besties..The other day while on the phone with Bond..( NOT JAMES BOND ) like telling him that i feel like i dont have any girl friends anymore , and when i say girl friends i mean my BFFS..Then he's like ' Of course, you're like hanging out more with guys instead of girls'...Bonkers..

I love my guy friends as well but Come on, i cant go shopping with them and ask them 'Pink or Black ' bra looks nicer on me ? Right ? haha I cant ask sing along stupid love songs with them in the car and definetely i cant do the dirty talking about the guys i've dated with them..ITS DIFFERENT..and now i missed Jules and Wendy even more ..Sigh...

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