Monday, 27 July 2009

Selamat Jalan Yasmin Ahmad

''Director Yasmin Ahmad, who provoked controversy with films that dealt with subjects like interracial relations and teenage angst in this conservative mostly Muslim country''

Yes she indeed tackle sensitive issues esp race and religion in her films..So some like it and obviously alot dont ! But why? is it because we find it hard to beleive that this is the fact? This is the real MALAYSIAN? I'm not a religious person , i know i don't have rights to judge ..but here is a Woman who dares to stand againts the whole world who's againts her ! Some people are just in denial..

In 2004, Malaysian female independent film director, Yasmin Ahmad, premiered her first feature
on the big screen, Sepet.It drew enormous attention, with both good and bad reactions from
across the country, and the film was an instant hit. It was a breath of fresh air for Malaysian
cinema, which is known for its emphasis primarily on entertainment. Sepet was filmed using a
very different filmic style from those to which Malaysians are accustomed, but it was the issues
that Ahmad addressed that drew strong reactions from the public and the media, and, eventually,a forum from the government. In fact, a forum on the film, which was organized by Ministry of Information and was aired on national television, labelled Ahmad a “corrupter of culture”.


Stop living in denial people are just a bunch of hypocrites..!!

I'm really shocked and sad to hear that she has left us..Its such a lost ..Accept the fact that she's good ! In fact, she's so good it makes all others local movies looks like rubbish..

“She had a big heart and vision that we usually don’t understand. That was why people misunderstood her. But she never intended any malice,” said Fatimah. ( The Star Online )

Selamat Jalan Yasmin, you've touched our hearts with the movies you made from your heart


-GiNo- said...

jas i bet u din know dat...
yasmin was once a guy before in her life
she was a great director of malaysia
her death is a great lost
we will nvr get nother touching psa anymore....

Anonymous said...