Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fascinating New Thing

Went to bed giggling to myself and woke up this morning with a puffy left eye and also a big Big SMILE on my face.Its so cheesy, i know..SHHH.....Even though its like only 3 hours of sleep which normally makes me cranky in the morning..Well today its the complete opposite..

And while the whole world is watching Michael's Live Memorial or show or something like that on TV..I'm on the phone with the only one person that can piss me off so badly it makes me laugh..

He teased me and says i'm FAT ! He thinks my jokes aren't that funny..And he says IM DUMB ! in a very SARCASTIC typical ASSHOLE way..

He made so many rude remarks about everything that i wish i can just knock his brains out with a hammer..

Sometimes talking to him really makes me doubt that im STUPID ( which he already thinks i AM ) haha But as u know..EHEM Im just playing DUMB...

Yet despite all the argues and the crap talk..he always makes me laugh with his WhatSOever Charm or should i say LAMENESS ...and i like it :)

I've seen and known enough of typical guys comes up with really chessy lovey dovey shitstuff..Guys who lied , bragged and thinks they're cute when they're not ..I've seen it all and i dont find any of them fascinating..

So i must say that he is one interesting creature which i kinda like..not that like to jump on him and ask him to be my boyfriend thing..But Like in sense that..well i dont know what im saying now...Just plain like him for who he is..

And if you were guessing who he is..his name is...

OH well , i've deleted his name from this post..


Anonymous said...

hehe so u finally got shot by CUPID?

bulubabi7 said...
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