Monday, 2 August 2010

From Me to You

Hello August ,

Time seem unstoppable , so screw the world and do what you want to . I 've started TragicFairyTales in 2007 , and recently i have transform it into a place where i can share inspiration with so many awesome writers from different part of the world who shares the same passion for Fashion , Photography and everything Vintage. People might think im a poser as i don't own any hi-tech camera, but again

Anyone can be a photographer , even a 5 year old kid. Its not the matter of how expensive your camera is , or how good your skills are, Its how you look at things and the passion to capture that magical moment that can last forever. I never claim myself a good photographer , i just happen to have that special love and i appreciate people who appreciates photography :)

As you can see , this is my very First Outfit post. I used to feel insecure about my size i still do now. Because being Asian and standing at 174cm tall, you can pretty imagine what its like when everyone is smaller than me. I cant wear heels , i cant wear anything bold because i will always be the odd one that everyone notices first. Some girls wished they had my height , and i wish i can be smaller . I felt awkward most of the time and the pressure is so high , If you're not size 0 then you're Godzilla.

But then recently i read so many fashion blogs which features women of all sizes , shapes and colors. And its amazing how they can look good they way there are and it made me feel better about myself.
I may not be the prettiest girl but i know i am not ugly.

Thanks to all my readers and Yes I have reached 50 Tragic Readers  
I might not have massive number of readers but its enough to make me smile

White Lace Blouse : IamMe
Blue Polka Dot skirt: Cotton On
Sneakers : Mum's

Of the Moment : Frou Frou - Breathe In


Ani Inherown said...

rock on vintage! :)

Kate Maggie said...

I loved reading this. What a great perspective. Your blog is seem like a truly beautiful person :)

Carina said...

Thankyou for the comments! and adding me to your blog list, I shall do the same :)

Hope to see more outfit pictures I love the colour of your skirt!

aurora. said...

cute outfit!
im also a vintage lover
andd i think youre really pretty and have a gorgeous figure and i love your perspective :)

thanks for the lovely comments on my blog :)

v a m p i r e said...

thank you everyone for your kind words , you girls made my day

Joe's blog said...

Yes, I wished I could be as tall as you are too... Because I HAVE TO wear high heels most of the time not to be the smallest one :-)

You are very, very pretty. I mean it.

And you are absolutely right. You don't need expensive cameras to make interesting photos. What you need is creativity and talent.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love the skirt, you are lovely. I would love to have a bit more height, we are never satisfied with what we have but we should be.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

karmun said...

love ur style.. =] nice blog ya ~

Anonymous said...

On the photographer stuff, I've got a different idea. Any guy/gal can buy an expensive professional camera but that would make them guy/gal with cam or shortly gwc. To be a photographer, one must know their stuff inside out be it lightings, composition etc etc and a good photographer can take beautiful picture with any types camera. It's not the camera but the person behind the camera that counts. Don't believe, take a look at the iphone fashion shoot by Lee Morris and be inspired. That said, you sure got eyes for lovely photos. Also, you look great. Don't let others words get into you. Btw, hey, I'm suppose to be your 50th follower. :)

Ali said...

Aw, thank you so much for the link and follow! I will follow you right back and I hope we shall become best of friends!! :) such an inspiring you blog you have, I loved reading this post!~

Martwa Marta said...

cute outfit - so simple, but chic!
i'm a vintage lover as well...

Sarah said...

I love this outfit. So colorful and fun!

Argyle Owl said...

i love love your skirt!

Amber Rose said...

"Its how you look at things and the passion to capture that magical moment that can last forever.."

I think that quote just made my dad.

And I love "Pretty Dress".

Do you like Regina Spektor?
Maybe listen to "Laughing With"?

And it's the same thing here, or at least with me. Most of my friends tease me or groan when I put my music on-- they call it weird. It's tragic that, simply because I don't listen to mainstream junk (and I really try to appreciate some mainstream, just difficult, you know?) that my music is discarded.


Bee said...

Great outfit :)

Taylor B. said...

That's a really cute skirt! I'm glad you've stepped in front of the camera. You'll be having a lot of fun with it. Trying to find new things to wear (even if it's just in your closet) and new locations for photo shoots.