Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Hello Anonymous ?

Guess what i saw in my comment column

 Anonymous said... You are indeed a TRAGIC WRITTER. Ooops, I meant, writer.

Wow, your opinion on reading is beyond words. since the action cancels things out in your brain, why bother reading anyway?

How flippant you are. You want to be a writt- oh wait, writer -- but you have such low regards for reading.


I say  :  I was wondering who you were hmmm.Your real job is writing for an actual magazine?
And i was paranoid for a while there thinking who did i offended to receive such comment.Then i read through your comment over and over again and I've realized You've judged me by reading my blogspot profile. 

For your information , thanks for highlighting WRITTER , i did not realize the typo error till you mentioned it today. And the books i like column is based on a Simpson Quote.  I love reading and i don't think i  need to prove anything to you.

I have low regards for reading ? well maybe . I did not claim myself a good writer , and i did not point a gun to you head and force you to like my crap. BUT Thank you for your honest comment. 

I am Sorry i cant be as cool as you to sign in as anonymous and write such 'nice' comments. If you don't like it , you can say it , i will accept it . Plus your comment motivates me to improve my writing . No one is perfect , thanks for reminding me.


Wynne Prasetyo said...

whoa, that's a harsh comment. such a coward though to appear as anonymous. I think even the best writers accidentally make typo every now and then, that's what editors are for. don't worry dear, I always say, even the most angelic person has a hater. we can't please everyone in this world, so I think you're very mature to be able to say thank you and consider that as a constructive advice. Friends are what keep us going and haters are what make us progress faster. :)

Joe's blog said...

I'm right there with Wynne.
Forget it!
So many people love your blog and It's regardless of whether one person, who is too chicken to say his or her name writes a stupid comment.
I love what you write, I love your blog and I really enjoy following it.
I mean it!

v a m p i r e said...

you girls wont know how much your words meant to me now

thank u for making me smile again :)

Onion said...

Hello, nice blog. You write well (:

Calvin Ong said...

thanks for following my blog! sure! you are welcome to ask me about cameras! and sadly, I don't own a toy camera but sometime around I would like to have one! love the effects on your photos :))

Eza Rashid said...

dear pretty,tat stupid fellow tried to mke urself down lah...step awy fwom him...dun bother lah....i luv 2 read ur post,,,vry nice lah....he's coward...i dun lke dis kind of ppl lah...sabar lah cute!we all supporting u......

Anonymous said...

what an extremely rude comment. It's funny though because anonymous actually took the time to read your blog and to comment so this person must be jealous of you. Keep blogging girl and doing what you love! One little bump on the road is nothing to get you down ^.^

Danielle said...

Beautiful blog!
I loved : )

/Fashion Bowie

Amber Rose said...

Guess what? I love you!

And how cowardice to do something so rude and leave it anonymous! My question is-- if this person really hated your blog, why bother to comment at all?

You are wonderful.

Indie.Tea said...

Wow, that IS a harsh and mean comment...but 'writes for an actual magazine' is probably a terrible writer and threatened by successful bloggers.
Even the huge blogs like Fashion Toast get mean comments...don't worry about it, there's always going to be haters out there.

Kylie said...

Thanks for the follow!

It's sad how much time some people have on their hands. I've never gotten a comment like that, but I'm sure I will some day. It's funny/sad that they chose to be anonymous. It takes a pretty insecure person to harass a stranger online from behind a security blanket.

Keep doing what you do, love!

mizzura said...

its our blog..its up to us what we want to write about...keep it up bebeh!

augustalolita said...

people can be so mean :( people that write cruel things are just bored of their own life and petty!! i say dont pay any attention to them!! keep on blogging!!

Glo-w~* said...

There are always toxic haters out there. But remember, for every hater you have a legion of lovers here erm...i mean supporters ^^

Ali said...

That's mean. People are jerks, and I hate how some people judge someone based on ONE little typo like that.. I know I'd make about 83472834 typos if it wasn't for spell check, haha. Sorry we're not perfect.

Don't worry about it. They weren't willing to sacrifice who they really were, posting anonymously and all, so they're just shallow and unimportant. :)

Robyn said...

If someone wants to write something negative, they should at least have the decency to do it as themselves. Posting anonymously is such a cowardly way to put out ones opinion. It is just to be cruel, and is not meant to start a dialog with the other person. So immature. I applaud your response.

Kelly C said...

ahah dun worry babe as those "anonymous" or we call them ANNOYmous is just some ego fella where they thinks they're the best. keep it up! ur work is good ;)

Anonymous said...

I am indeed sorry you took the comment wrongly.

I merely spat (yes, i am rude enough to spit) out your own words.

And, you said it yourself: There are a hundred reasons to hate you. Sorry to burst your bubble, but i'm taking one of that hundred. You have so many fans who love the other hundred, so what's the big deal? Never had a hater before, huh?

well, surprise! it comes with... BLOGGING!

I just gave my opinion, and i chose to be anonymous. it's my choice, just like how you chose to quote a line from the simpsons.

so track me down. then what? criticise my writing?

lighten up, sunshine.

take my advice, and take it in stride.

hafidz said...

macam tu pun nak jealous.
It's ok.
Update saja blogs ya!~ ;)

Anything but Bland said...

hahah that picture is funny!

Erika Toh said...

The concept of Ying and Yang ; when there are people who love you, there are also people who will dislike or hate you~ That's the way of life. :)

Ebony said...

What the heck? Why would someone take the time to even leave such stupid, spineless comments? Glad you're not paying much attention to it darl, you are way better than that :D

Calamity Jem said...

That poor little someone must just live such a wretched life, if they think that spreading ill feeling over the Internet anonymously is time well spent.
Ignore & move on that's my advice cause letting peeps like that get to you certainly is a waste of time!
I cast my vote in your favour & I believe that effectively cancels out that ignoramus’s opinion ;)