Friday, 20 August 2010

Fri YAY : Malibu

 The last trip back my hometown.We have a new family member.
I am not sure what breed she is because my sister's friend gave her to them.

To be honest , i don't fancy having pets . 
Not because i hate animals but its because i am aware that i am not a responsible owner. 
They will be luckier to not have a owner like me.

A friend once said , once you got a pet. Its your commitment. 
I adores people who takes good care of their pets. And i respect people who picks up strays and give them a home

I used to have a mini pincher , Akasha but she died of skin disease. 
Then my friend gave ma chitzu , we name her Kiro. 
He is the cutest thing ever.
But one day he got sick , he wont eat at all.
We brought him to the Vet hoping he will be gets better.
But i woke up the next morning just to see my sister crying next to the poor thing. 
He died...

Anyways say hello to Little Malibu , my sisters named her after their fav drink Malibu Pineapple.

This will be my last update for this week. I wont be able to online during the weekends. 
So see you girls next Monday.
A big shout out to all my new readers , Thank you so much !

Happy Fri YAYS

Outfit Of the Day 
Dress : IamMe , RM30
Shoes : Cleef ,RM17.70
Ear rings : Flea Market , RM 6

Of the Moment :  Yuna - Decorate
Yuna is a talented artist from Malaysia , her acoustic music is awesome.


Zaia said...

really cute outfit,i love the little buttons on the top, adorable!

Rio said...

Cute outfit and super cute puppy! :)

hafidz said...

Wah~ Cute la si Malibu tuh.
Happy Fri YAY juga~ :D

Booga said...

Your top is ADORABLE, and same to Malibu. Aww!


Eu tenho certeza que logo você se apaixona pelo cãozinho, aliás vale lembrar que ele vai estar ao seu lado a todo momento...

SusuanaLove said...

CUUUUTE out fit and Malibu is lovely too


Wynne Prasetyo said...

you look so cute in these pics! :DD

vivinyvil said...

awwww malibu is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

awww the doggie is sooooo cute! ^,^
I really like your dress too!

Eza Rashid said...

my cute fwen:damn cute,,i luv ur puppy,,,n nice skirt.....can i hve 1???

Emma said...

Aw, absolutely adorable! Love your dress too x

ifashionberry said...

Hey hun! I was just passing by! Really cute outfit! Come check out my blog when you get the chance :)

Cowbiscuits said...

aw so sad I love all my pets I have a cat a rabbit and 2 hamsters x

Victoria said...

That little dog is soooo cute, I know exactly what you mean a but the responsibility though, I think cats are much easier to manage.

Thank you so much for all the lovely lovely comments on my blog I really really appreciate it.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Speak soon. Vikki xxx

rebecca said...

so, so cute! i'm not the world's biggest fan of pets either, but they are lovely from afar :p

minnja said...


Bea said...

Aw, that dog looks so scrappy and cute. I am a big pet lover myself but I have some bad luck with them at times. You are not alone!

And thank you for always leaving sweet and long comments on the blog. I love reading long comments! They make my day :)

Bea from A plus B

AlvianaKalin said...

I love Yuna's voice and taste of music..:)
and lovely dog and outfit too!!

have a nice day!

Cristiana.C said...

I love your style!
please visit my blog and, if you like follow me! I'll follow back! in this way we can exchange our opinions!!

Anything but Bland said...

awesome! cute puppy!! awww I want one!

love, polly :D

A.k.a Po Farley. said...

That puppy is adorable.

pearlslaceandruffles said...

Super cute puppy and cute outfit! I don't really like dogs as pets but they are cute to look at! xoxo

augustalolita said...

you look so beautiful!! i love the outfit!! and your doggie is soo cute!!

!♥ Land Of Dreams ♥ said...

muy tiernos!!! me encanta tu ropa! los dos re lindos y adorables

Ebony said...

Hehe Malibu. One of my friend's has a cat names Midori, again after an alcoholic drink :D

You look gorgeous!!! You have such a nice figure and that colour is great!

Christine said...

love this outfit, you look so pretty :)

Thank you for the comment. Yeah those shoes are pretty expensive.

xoxo Christine

Le Plee said...

nice photos! .))

Penny (Pocket Carnival) said...

Aww Little Malibu is so cute! So tiny!

Marisa said...

Beautiful are gorgeous and I really enjoy reading your blog:) It's so open and honest.

Laura said...

Jolies photo :)


Stefanie said...

Malibu! So adorable!!! The outfit suits you, :) Look so lovely and your red lips looks really great.

The Wrong Mademoiselle said...

Absolutely love the outfit, it's so simple but so effective! And the puppy's super cute, too :)

Lynn Evelyn Chua said...

I love ur eiffel tower's earring!they're sooo cute! =)


so cute the doggie ;)