Friday, 13 August 2010

What Doesn't Kills You Makes You Stronger

I woke up this morning with a big smile on my face. Thank you everyone for your kind words in  my last post. Like Beatrice said - One little bump on the road is nothing to get you down

I think i will move on and let go of all the drama i've created out of one comment. . Everyone has different styles of writing , and i will continue to learn and stay true to myself. Although i must admit honestly that i was a little upset to read negative feedback, but it was my first and i hope it will be the last.

Anonymous said...
I am indeed sorry you took the comment wrongly.

I merely spat (yes, i am rude enough to spit) out your own words.

And, you said it yourself: There are a hundred reasons to hate you. Sorry to burst your bubble, but i'm taking one of that hundred. You have so many fans who love the other hundred, so what's the big deal? Never had a hater before, huh?

well, surprise! it comes with... BLOGGING!

I just gave my opinion, and i chose to be anonymous. it's my choice, just like how you chose to quote a line from the simpsons.

so track me down. then what? criticise my writing?

lighten up, sunshine.

take my advice, and take it in stride.

 PS: I don't want to say this in public but i respect your decision to remain Anonymous so if you're out there reading i hope you know that Yes this is the first time i had a hater. Your comment made me realize that i cant please everyone , and i will be happy to be me and do things my way. I don't need to track you down and criticise your writing because i don't have the right. And who am i to judge you anyway ? This is not high school , and as an adult i am just gonna laugh everything off and look at things the bright side.I will of course accept your advise :) 

  Of the Moment : The Kills -Cheap and Cheerful


Blogmuffins said...
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Marion said...

Thanks for commenting and voting later,really appreciate it loves. I can only return the favor.
Haters gonna hate,it's their job. But yes,everone has their won opinions and not all of them are nice.
Take care!

Eza Rashid said...

following ur blog now beautiful vampire!b strong!:)

minnja said...

oh fabulous photo

hafidz said...

Please don't kill this blogs.
Teruskan sahaja berblogging k~

v a m p i r e said...

thank u Hafidz ! i will keep it going muahaha

engtaukia said...

wow ! nice one ~

Onion said...

Nicely said.

nicky said...

Hi ^^. Thanks for following me. You are very pretty and I like your blog a lot. <3 nicky

Lynn Evelyn Chua said...

Don't bother about the hater..v can't please everyone around us..just be yourself and be happy..=)