Tuesday, 1 September 2009

River Phoenix

I was blown away when i saw him in The thing Called Love. But i had no clue who he was , So i spent my whole morning stalking all of his sites and pages on the web just to had my heart broken when i realize that he died of drug overdose in Johnny Depp 's Club Viper Room, October 31st 1993 .Its so sad! I mean he was a talented actor and here i go again..'HE IS Ffffing hot ...'

I had a major crush on someone who died 16 years ago !


Anonymous said...

u like dead people???

v a m p i r e said...

who are you..duh if wana comment then leave a name

dead or not..he's still hot

and so what if he's dead..wait till im dead then i'll jump on him and kiss his pretty face

Anonymous said...

No doubt he had "that something". Sixteen years after his death, he still remains in our memories and hearts, inspite of his short career. Not so many can say that