Thursday, 10 September 2009

Fascinating New Thing - Vol III

''If there's any love in me,
Don't let it show.
Oh and if there's any love in me,
Don't let it grow.''

Watch my step so i wont fall..

Ironically when i woke up this morning , he's the first thing that crossed my mind

And pathetically i try not to but still , Each time my mind wonders around...Its him i think about

I wonder how can someone annoys me so badly but at the same thing makes me laugh with his never ending nonsense

I wont say its Love , because i knew this is not Love

This funny feeling inside is silly , lame , makes no sense and a waste of time

Feels it , argh Fuck it and get rid of it !

Its like a merry go round...spinning you around , and round and round till everything u see makes no sense , and everything went tumbling upside down..

But of cause i am keeping this to myself..DUH i'm not gonna let him feel like he's such a big deal !

Didn't u know i am good in saying things which is the opposite :)

Boy, Here goes another lame crap which i swear not to WRITE !

If he knew bout this , he should be flattered..this is the fucking third time i write about him !

But he wont know! ha ha He doesn't even know the existence of my blog

And even if he does , i can just deny it cause that's what i do best !

Plus i didn't say i fell head over heels for him ! Its just Like as in Like !

His name has just been deleted from this Post, AGAIN

Congratz Jasmine Chuah , you're being childish and bimbotic for the 999 times

of the moment : Just Like Heaven ( The Cure Cover ) - Katie Melua


Anonymous said...


ehem....sore throat la..dont blame me..ehem ehem ehem

v a m p i r e said...

what ..shuttup and dont mention my blog in facebook...duh..

Anonymous said...

love is splendid,beautifully written

Sebastian said...

i wish i am him ! !!!

Sebastian said...

so he didnt know huh? why is that so? since when u cant get what u want?

v a m p i r e said...

its not gonna no point of trying to make things happen ..which is why he dont have to know

Sebastian said...

duh, did u told him? u did how is it gonna happen?