Wednesday, 23 September 2009

My Little Monster

She's 9 this year ! She speaks perfect mat salleh English ! ( thanks to watching non stop cartoons ) She's the biggest pain in the ass but melt u to death by her cuteness when she plays angel ! She's annoying , she's fat but dislikes it when we teased her that she's wearing adult's size S ! But this trip back , she 's slimmed down..So the other day my mum calls her little fatty , she cockily replied ' I am not fat anymore ok' haha

Her mum gave her one of her old celly lately , so from time to time when she's bored she'll text me and my mum ! Sometimes i hardly understand what she's trying to say through her SMS , u cant blame me with her terrible spellings But the only words that she always got it right is PUKIMAK or hey Fucker what are you doing ? Its in the family blood..she'll grew up pretty all right just like US haha

This is supposedly her sexy face with her giganto Lollipop which caused me Rm6.90

You still think she's CUTE ?

But we loved her to death , she's the apple of the eyes of my late grandparents..Nobody will beleive it thats she's actually a Miracle Child , She had a hole in heart when she's born , and she undergo major operations when she's merely 4 ! Which explains why she is spoilt by everyone.

Her family is falling apart just like ours , sometimes i felt bad for all the mean things i did to her. Like the other day , she insisted that she wants a set of Toys which are made for boys from Toys R Us..its 50++ plus for 3 stupid balls which suppose to turn into a machine when u threw them on a magnetic card ..I mean i am trying to teach her the value of money but she begin to throw tantrum and called me names so i walked away leaving her there..Then she run behind and went to my mum , i can see her eyes are wet..and it makes me feel so so bad..

She doesnt wana talk to me , but it happens all the time ..We became friends again after buying her that Giganto Lollipop ! LoL Kids will always be kids..

I Love my fat monster

of the moment :Sweet Child O Mine - Taken By Trees ( Guns & Roses Cover)


Anonymous said...

soooo cuteee

Meredith said...

Woot , she's already 9? haha you're such a bad role model Jas !