Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Thing Called Love 1993

Saw 'The Thing called Love' the other day on Astro..To be frank i saw some part of the movie weeks ago but then i thought it was just another boring love movies so i didn't really bother .Till last Saturday my mum was actually watching it , so out of boredom i watched along..and i am hooked ! Love the country music featured in the film especially 'Blame in on your heart' - James and Miranda .And of course the main reason i was glued to my TV was the romance between James and Miranda in the movie..

I love the scene where James ( River ) proposed to Miranda ( Samantha Mathis ) with a plastic toy ring in a sundry store..and they were married by a priest who happens to be the brother of one of the cashier working in the store ! It was so romantic ,so what if i sound cheesy .. ( GUYS , should watch this scene and stop using your old antics proposal cause its boring )

I dont really like the ending and i was sulking cause i dont want it to end that way ! But Im not gonna spoil it by telling more of the details..so u guys watch it yourself ..

And did i mention how hot River Phoenix was ! I was blown away..he is so F ffffing HOT !

of the moment : Cant Stop Falling In love-Elvis Presly ( The scene where they danced at the door step of Graceland )


Anonymous said...

its a chick flick ! guy dont watch romance movies

v a m p i r e said...

says who..ya right..guys dont watch???

thats the most pathetic lie..come on la..