Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Comme Des Enfants

Well, some people say one rascal is enough to drive u nutz but i had 2 rascals in my life ..Double Trouble ! They're my evil twin sisters , Jesse and Jolene .

Like any typical sisters , we used to fight alot , YES.. hair pulling , bitch slapping , calling each other names , saying hurtful things to win the meaningless cat fights..

But it was always Fun , because i will never be alone when i always have them..We grew up pretty normal in a not so rich but loving family..We're like 3 meat balls when we're kids , So basically what we hate most during each family gathering was having to deal with the endless comments from Aunts and Uncles which normally goes - WAH , what your grandma feeds you all ? or Look at how chubby u guys are ! haha But now as we're grown up , Both of them became stick thin and i am still struggling with my ups and downs of weight problem ! chuckles * The best part is now the mak ciks mak ciks started to comment on how skinny they were , and they should start eating more ( typical chinese family , well..it happens most of the time )
But growing up is awesome , too many goddamngood memories to be written down , i love the days when we live with our Ah chor ( great grandmother) in her heritage house back in Penang , I'm a big bully back then , i will steal all of their toys ! So they have to hide it from me or refuse to play with me cause i refuse to lose in all games , haha i will throw tantrum whenever i am not winning..( its so easy to cheat away all their money in Monopoly )..We used to play Asia Bagus ( a famous Tv Show back then in TV3 ) We will gather at Ah Chor's porch right at the big swing , Wendy from next door and our Chen E E ( my mum's cousin) will join sometimes ..We will pretend that we're the contestants and sing using a skipping road's head as our microphone..

Grandma will make us uniform pyjamas lol and we gotta march up to sleep sharp at 8pm..Grandma even made clothes for our barbie dolls, ( Only God knows how much i missed her ) Every morning we ride on a trishaw to school, my sisters will purposely kick the bags off the trishaw and run around everywhere so Ah Pek have to chase after them..At night we sleep at our grandma's room and will start to talk about nonsense and laugh about it.During school breaks we will go down to KL for holidays at Mum's place , what we love most was video games ..we will fight after the controller ( Even my late grandma loves video games )

When im 9 all of us moved back to Kuala Lumpur to live with mum..Every weekend Grandpa will drive us to different malls to shop ! Then he taught us how to ride bicycles , there is once Jesse's bike crashed and she fell into the drain ! Opppssss.. !
We attended Malay school and made alot of malay friends,which explains why we speak perfect malay and im proud of it ! We ride Pak Cik Razak's school bus , and we will bully little rude boys!

Then there's a time when i created some really stupid songs and three of us will sing and record it down with a tape player..It was so fucking hilarious , we sound like chipmunks and the lyrics of my songs were fucking retarded ! I don't know where the tapes went as we were always moving from one house to another..

It will take forever if i were to write down every single memory which is engraved in my heart, So i'll stop here..
Jesse , Jasmine & Jolene

We grew closer as we were older..As we learn to appreciates our family more..I love them and i hope they loved me too haha but obviously They LOVE ME too . If U mess with one J then u mess with the other J's ! I am grateful to have u both in my love

of the moment : Melody Fair - Bee Gees ( My all time favourite )

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CookieMonster said...

Cheers to 3 gorgeous sisters !