Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I made Art from My Heart

I gave up shopping and stayed at home last weekend, 
anti social mode On, completely out of my mind , with my ear phones plugged in

I made these...
I have no tittle for them yet , so i'll just name it after the song i am listening for my inspiration while making them.

♫ Mono - Life in Mono

♫  Animal Collective - Watching The Planets

This is personally my favorite..

♫ Anya Marina - Satellite Heart

If you are going to use my posters , please link it back to me . You wouldn't like it if someone uses your stuff without permission would you? 

hate it , trash it , love it are most welcome


JadyCloud said...

You are so talented.

Melongray said...

Wow jasmine. i dint know that u have such a big talent in art . Keep it up

I am who I am said...

hey, i like the 1st 1 but without the flower near the mouth.

Jessy said...

Nice Nice, Like like!

ken said...

so cool.. =)