Wednesday, 21 July 2010

From Me to You

And i wonder if i ever cross your mind

To Me it Happens all the time

Songs For The Broken Hearted
  1. Lykke Li Feat Kleerup : Until We Bleed
  2. Rachael Yamagata : I'll find a way
  3. Adele : Chasing Pavements
  4. Rilo Kiley : Portions for foxes
  5. Aqualung : Strange & Beautiful
  6. Alanis Morrisette : Simple Together
  7. Melly Goeslaw : Bimbang
  8. Travis : Funny Thing
  9. Carissa Wierd : Yours Truly Ugly Valentine
  10. Coldplay : The Scientist
  11. Counting Crows : Colorblind
  12. Regina Spektor : Hero
  13. Straylight Run : A Slow Decent
  14. The Weepies : Gotta Have You
  15. Noah and the Whale : Blue Skies

Music speak the words in my heart , but some words are meant to be unspoken



Lean said...

Dropping by ere. =)

ken said...

is this your own listed songs? =)

{ I V Y } said...


amandaeriopapilio said...

I love most of the songs you listed! Emo-ing again now....

v a m p i r e said...

Thanks everyone for all the comments

Yes Ken , this is my own listed song

haha dont emo mo Amanda , cheer up

Daniela Rodrigues said...

Oh yeah, Camille. I love her song called Paris :D
I'm from Portugal, this sweet little country in Europe :D



Jesson And Rey Ann said...

like those song!

Daniela Rodrigues said...

:) I wish to your country too. We have to change haha

Oh so sweet, thanks for linked me up in the sites you love to read. So lovely. Thanks thanks thanks.
I'll put you too :D



libys11 said...

omg!! thanks for the list!!! :D i've been trying to find good songs.. :)

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Abi-Anne said...

This is a great list with some of my faves including Adele, Lykke Li and Coldplay.

Joe's blog said...


Darling L said...

In love with Colorblind from Counting Crows! :) And with your blog, soooo sweet! :)

Jess said...

dearie u spelt straylight run wrongly :D

ps - love those songs <3 some of it are my personal faves

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, this is such a great playlist! Almost all of my favorite artists are on here :)

v a m p i r e said...

thanks everyone , esp Jess lucky me you noticed the typo error lol