Friday, 16 July 2010

We are Good People With A Lot of Bad Habits

Party at Phuture , Zouk

My Girl Friends  
Thanks to Veronica we got VIP seats




We Work Hard , We Party Even HARDER

Of the Moment : Le Tigre : Decepticon



ken said...

we all just wanna have fun =)

Janice said...

i like pictures with vintage tone! ;)

Anonymous said...

your dress is so pretty! love the bright colors of it ^.^

m.fay said...

cute pics, darling blog. just stumbled upon it, will return for more.


hope you stop by and say hello x

joninel said...

thx for your comment :D

keLiCious said...

**Foot Print**
Thanks for your nanged.!
I've Nanged and clicked on ur ads!
Do give support for this as well:

Anonymous said...

look great!!
i looks like FUN <3

Anonymous said...

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