Friday, 2 July 2010

Happy Birthday To Myself

Hey its my fucking Birthday, Wear a party hat and blow candles off my fucking cake, I am So happy ! And I am fucking lying about that.

Sucks,I still gotta get up at 6 am this morning and wait for the fucking bus to get to work.Now here I am at 10:51 stuck with paper work, Not the exact perfect picture for a Happy Birth DAY huh…I thought everyone's world evolves around mine today.Oh Fudge , i am turning into a boring working class hero.

Thanks to Facebook reminder , wall has been spammed with wishes.Can u believe I am actually counting and remembering those who wished me this year and all those who did not , I’m so gonna delete them from my friend list tomorrow haha I am joking.

Can I write my bank account no in my status or Twitter so people can bank in money for me? I don’t want wishes or presents, I want hard cold cash!

Ok that is a lame joke as well

Fine i'll just wear a big smile and sit and wait for miracles to happen

  1. A truck load of shoes has just been delivered to my house 
  2. Parcel containing Diana F & Holga in my post box.
  3. Everything in Forever 21 Is just RM10
  4. A full scholarship for degree from a famous Art School
  5. Emirates called and beg me to join their Airlines
  6. Woke up the next day with 36D,25, 34 body measurement
  7. Ticket to Paris
  8. I could I afford my own car , and a nice apartment before I turn 25
  9. He would at least fucking remember my fucking birthday
  10. ALL MY WISHES could come true 

My Humble Wishlist of the things i WANT ! 


If all of the above are not gonna happen, then Birthdays are just reminders that you’re old, accept the fact and be grateful you are not dead ..YET

Of the Moment : Arcade Fire - Wake Up


kenwooi said...

happy birthday! i agree with 10.. may your wishes come true =)

kumfye said...

happy birthday...

SiMon Har said...

happy birthday! juz had my birthday yesterday ^^

HamDanWong said...

happy birthday and may your wishes come true. lets start by working towards your wish. jog a lil, save up some cash. who knows you might be getting your uh-la-la body and your cam soon enough eh :)

best wishes

v a m p i r e said...

thank u everyone ♥

Jess said...

hope u had a great great greeaaaaaaaatttttttttt beedayy hun!! u can oways do another after-party if u didnt enjoy ur bday to the max yet!


am late!!!! happiee belated birthday~~~ <3 may ur wishes come true ;) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

YOU're so HOT

v a m p i r e said...

thanks Xiin Weii ♥